Home Accents Can Make All the Difference

by Trifles & Treasures

If you're looking to refresh your home, then why not consider some home accents? This type of decor is perfect for making seemingly-small changes to the rooms in your house that have a big impact.

Some Ideas for Various Home Accents

A little thing can go a long way. This is especially true with home accents, which are a subtle way to breathe new life into any space. For example, using a few different items to create a focused group can draw the eye of anyone who visits. These "vingettes" can involve any number of things, like light fixtures, accent rugs, tableware, and more. Play around with lining up some of the above, and creating groupings that all have a theme (or color, etc.) in common.

Have any oddities that you'd like to show off? Feel free to boast your unusual treasures! Whether it's the artistic feature of some round rock crystal votives (check out that grouping!) or some whimsical mice bookends, you should highlight these kinds of pieces so that everyone will get a real sense of your individual style. If you have a collection, too, then make that a point of interest in a place like your primary living space; people will definitely be interested to hear how that collection began!

Looking for a little more pizazz up on the walls? You can make wall art without actually buying anything new! A patterned scarf can become a backdrop, and old holiday lights might adorn the tops of your room (with some help from hooks or something else to hold them in place). The main requirement here is creativity, so take a look around your house and see what might be able to be used as wall decor.

Oval Watering Pitcher

If you could use a little more green, or a pop of color, in your life, then consider a plant as an accent piece! It's simple, but a single bit of greenery or a flower or two can really brighten (and freshen) up a threadbare room. Even more than that, you can use something original to house the plant: a good example is using something like an oval watering pitcher to bring a piece of the outdoors into your home.

It isn't difficult to breathe new life into your house with a few choice pieces of home accents. To get your hands on some interesting new features that will drum up a discussion, get in touch with Trifles and Treasures today! We will do our best to find the furniture, accessory, or other piece for your home or garden to make it absolutely perfect.