Modern Home Décor Ideas to Refresh and Inspire

by Trifles & Treasures

Trying to bring your home into the current century? If you have a house that was built in the 1900s, then it may be decades and decades out of date, with its current decor only further serving to keep it stuck in the past. Why not give your living room, for example, a modern home décor upgrade?

Taking Advantage of Modern Home Décor

The living room is one of the most highly-trafficked areas in your home, more likely than not. This is a place that people relax, entertain company, and more. For many, the way that this room is decorated is sort of a cornerstone for the rest of the home's style. These are just a few reasons why you should make an effort to incorporate modern design elements into the living room and beyond, starting with:

One modern home décor concept that's big right now is the mixing of patterns and materials. For example, you might opt to have a metal, adjustable swing-arm task lamp one one surface, while a copper funnel pendant lamp hangs overhead. Both have a trendy, vintage-modern look, but their mix of metals adds a bonus effect. Similarly, you could have an accent rug with a geometric pattern, but decorative pillows on the sofa above that feature animals, or florals. The possibilities are nearly endless!

"You can’t go wrong with an all-white space. To prevent it from feeling like a hospital room, introduce different textures." If this is the single color you choose for your living room, then introduce those varying textures with items like a distressed large railroad lantern on a side table and a general store wall clock hanging nearby.They keep to your all-white color scheme, but add variation with their textures to prevent things from feeling too sterile!

A quick way to incorporate modern home décor without re-doing the entire room is to "update your living room as you would your wardrobe—with a few new accessories each season." So, rather than replacing all the furniture, drapes, carpet, etc., you can just swap out some smaller pieces for more popular accents. Replace one of your side tables with a gorgeous Spacey Side Table, or a tired, colorful lamp for the neutral glamor of a Tillman Table Lamp. Whatever you choose, do a little research ahead of time to figure out of it fits with the most up-to-date styles, or if you should consult an interior decorator first!

Making the rooms in your home modern and stylish doesn't have to be an enormous (or expensive) undertaking. Practice your hand at home decorating by getting in touch with Trifles and Treasures today! We will do our best to find the furniture, accessory, or other piece for your home or garden to make it absolutely perfect.