The Do's and Don'ts of Wall Art

by Trifles & Treasures

You certainly don't want to leave your walls blank. That makes your home seem unlived in and unattended to. Rather, choose some art and other pieces to hang up to show off your style and eye for design. What do you do, though, if you don't consider yourself much of a designer? Start by learning a little about the do's and don'ts of wall art before making any purchases.

Learn More About the Do's and Don'ts of Wall Art

It actually isn't as daunting as you might think. True, most of us wouldn't consider ourselves professionals in terms of how to arrange and hang things on the wall, but that doesn't mean a little research won't go a long way! So, review some of the following do's and don'ts of wall art and give it a try in your own home (even if it's just in one room).

To begin with, you should know that "art" doesn't have to be expensive. It could be a clock, a canvas print of a photo of your family, or a poster in a frame. This means that you don't have to break the bank to decorate, so there's no need to mentally prepare yourself for that!

Make sure that your art or decor of choice doesn't hang too high. Ideally, it will fall in the center, or will at least be symmetrical, if you are hanging more than one thing together in a group. Similarly, "don't hang a tiny piece on a big wall" because it will look strange taking up such a small amount of space all on its own.

Before all of this, though, plan out your vision! Use a piece of paper to do some sketching or general planning before you hang anything. You may have an image in mind, but once you actually get things up on the wall, it may not turn out like you thought. It can also help to have a second person around for this process to not only offer their opinion on the design but also to help you hang the objects so you're sure that they're straight.

There is a lot that goes into design and this only scratches the surface. "Don't forget about balance" when you're picking out decor for your walls: our Botanical Birds Wall Canvas or Spring Cut Outs are perfect ways to easily group art together with no effort at all. These adhere well to the do's and don'ts of wall art by keeping a symmetrical balance, a nice general size, and a cost that won't give you a heart attack. Consider these and our other pieces of wall decor when you have some blank spaces on your walls at home.

Spring Cut Outs Wall Plaques (Set of Four)

To learn more about how to hang things on your wall and what to hang there, get in touch with Trifles and Treasures today! We will do our best to find the furniture, accessory, or other piece for your home or garden to make it absolutely perfect.