Unique Home Decor Can Give Your House Personality

by Trifles & Treasures

One of the best parts of interior design is that there are no real rules. There are guidelines, trends, and fads, and you may hire an expert who can most easily navigate these things, but that doesn't mean you're under any obligation to dress your home a certain way. You can do just about anything, and that's why incorporating your own, unique home decor is such a special experience.

Working Unique Home Decor into All Rooms

A big part of all home decorating is creativity, insight, inspiration, and individuality. You can add in art, furniture, and lighting pieces that fit your personality without anyone else being able to do anything about it. This freedom may seem daunting, but think of it as a one-of-a-kind opportunity, and you'll really enjoy it.

Though you might consider your style of decorating to be more unique home decor, the fact is that everyone has their own style (which makes them all "unique"). For example, if you prefer a more vintage, distressed feel... something with a bit of a whimsical spirit... then your novels can live in between Bicycle Bookends on your mantle or shelves. Their timeworn finish gives an impression of history and intrinsic value even if you just bought them last week. Similarly, a person who is an avid traveler might keep their knick knacks in a License Plate Box as a reminder of the places they've been and the memories they've made.

Something that some design "experts" do suggest, though, is to avoid keeping too close to a single theme. This can make a room or home feel too outdated, no matter what the theme, since many "design themes" (think Nautical) can be greatly overused. Rather, incorporate some single elements of that theme (a life preserver on the wall, a nautical-themed blanket) to get a little bit of the feel without going overboard.

A good way to highlight your own, unique home decor is to make one of its pieces into a focal point within the room. Hanging from the ceiling might be a Navarro Pendant, which provides light while drawing attention to itself and its distinctive wood finish. In the middle of your dining room table could be the Harvin Votive Holder, which likewise calls attention to itself since it's a centerpiece unlike anything your guests have seen.

Clearly, there are a lot of ways to express your own style by incorporating a variety of pieces into your decorations. Look through an extensive storage of these items and more by getting in touch with Trifles and Treasures today! We will do our best to find the furniture, accessory, or other piece for your home or garden to make it absolutely perfect.